Brandywine and warping-But not together

In my ongoing love affair with process and the artist’s final result, there’s an exhibit that should be interesting at the Brandywine River Museum. I wrote about this museum a few years ago after a trip to Philadelphia. We absolutely loved our visit, even though Jamie Wyeth’s art was not my favorite. The “docent” leading our group was one of the Wyeth grandchildren, a very vivacious and entertaining young woman who included family bits in her presentation.


warping spreadsheet

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down with my calculator, pencil, and paper to figure out how long a warp I can put on with the fewest possible number of tubes of warp. Literally dozens, I’m sure. I did it again on Tuesday, even though I just bought this yarn and know I figured this all out before I ordered. Well, in my geeky way (or maybe it’s procrastination??), I have made a spreadsheet so that maybe I won’t have to do this again. I already keep a spreadsheet of how much I weave off, so I added this one to the sheets. That way I’m hoping I can remember where I put it!

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