Bringing work home

Path to the Sun in box

Wall Gallery in Dallas has closed, so I picked up my work a couple of weeks ago. The one above, was sinking and no longer very attractive. It was returned to the framer by the gallery owner, and I was to call with instructions about the piece.

When I mentioned to the framer that the piece was sinking, he said that he would fix that. Instead, I decided to have it completely removed. If it sank that much in just two years, what was going to happen in two years after fixing it?

The piece below is still in its acrylic sandwich, but I think I’ve figured out how to remove it. I never liked the way this one looked in this frame. So now, I’m going to have some big pieces of acrylic. Anyone know how to cut it? Might be fun to do something with it.

And speaking of cutting … I would like to learn about cutting sheet metal. There are a few ideas floating around in my head. I need to take a class, if I could find one.


View of the acrylic “sandwich”

Gallery walls

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