Butterflies and Masks

ButterfliesMaybe I have a fixation for butterflies. Hmmm….You may remember the butterfly jar from several weeks ago. Actually, there are were two jars AND a basket full of these butterflies.

My friend Pat makes masks by weaving on a small loom and then embellishing them with buttons and/or whatever other found objects she has on hand. She is absolutely one of the most creative people I have ever met. I think Pat could find multiple uses for just about anything you handed her!Souder_front_09

Ziti Mask, Pat Souder

A couple of weeks ago I gave Pat some of my butterflies for her to try out. She really liked the way the wool wove up, so today she came out and we sorted through butterflies. She ended up taking five pounds of yarn wound into butterflies! Who knew there were 5 pounds in those various containers? I have to admit, I felt a little sad to see them go. Silly, but I did.

Below you can see them spread out on the table, roughly in color groups.Butterflies-on-tableHere are some of her masks, still unfinished. The first one is the one she wove of my hand-dyed wool yarns. It’s not finished yet, and no, I don’t know how she does the shaping, but I do know it will turn out to be a beautiful, interesting mask.Mask_my_yarnsMask2Below are more of Pat’s masks. She has been experimenting with many different types of yarn.Mask1

None of them are finished. It takes as long for the finishing as it does for the weaving. That’s probably the case for all weaving products.

I love the bottom one with the pink hair, although pink is my least favorite color!




Here’s Pat’s contact information: psouder@alterity.com.

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