Cartoon puzzle


cartoon puzzle

This may not be the my smartest move, but for the piece I’m working on, I decided to make the cartoon myself. I wanted the cartoon to be 25 inches horizontally, so in Photoshop I changed the image size to 25. Yep, there’s no way I can print that. So, also in Photoshop, I fairly evenly divided the drawing into 16 pieces, then copied each section and printed each one out. Then I taped all the pieces together, and voilĂ , I had a full size cartoon, unwieldy, but a cartoon. Gridded-vellum

Next I cut a section of gridded vellum and traced over the cartoon. Ready to move to the loom, where, unfortunately, the cartoon needed to be smaller, as in 2 inches smaller. Back to the computer. Repeat the process. Weave. And it works!

Now, would it have been better to have copies made at FedEx? I don’t know. My reasons for not going that route are:

  • Frequently copies have to be redone because the employee doesn’t know how to set it up to meet the (my) criteria.
  • I would have had to go back again anyway after I discovered that I had made the wrong size.

Money-wise, by the time I pay for the paper used, printer ink, etc, it might have been less expensive to drive to town, but then I would have to add in fuel. The time spent on this may have been equal.

What do you think? How do you do cartoons? Or maybe the questions is, do you make cartoons?


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