Crazy, crazy, crazy

Postcard imagesOkay, after this week I’m running away. Seriously.

  • Sunday-load pieces for show in car
  • Monday-hour drive to Denton to pick up pieces from Materials: Hard & Soft. Then on to the CAC to hang the exhibit
  • Tuesday-probate court. Hope this is cut and dried. I’ve never done anything in a courtroom before!
  • Wednesday-Business meeting
  • Thursday-Plan reception, by supplies for reception, haircut
  • Friday-Reception prep, the the actual reception at 6 PM

When I look at the above obligations, my first thought is when do I weave. Maybe after court and before the meeting on Wednesday. There’s always the weekend. Of course, there are other things that must get done. The tomato plants are taking over the windowsill in the kitchen!

Here’s the link (Link is no longer valid.) for the exhibition on the CAC calendar.

If anyone is interested, the Channel 11 video of the Fort Worth Weavers Guild is here. (Link is no longer valid.) It’s in the video section on page 3. There doesn’t seem to be a direct link to that one video—sorry.

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