imageI very seldom travel to Dallas—for me it’s like going to another country. Long ago, back when the children were young and a reliable car was unaffordable, I would always check the oil and other fluids before making a trek to Dallas. Even now, the traffic is something to dread, but I’m considering sucking it up and going to the Dallas Museum of Art. imageThere are two exhibits that look really interesting to me: African Headwear: Beyond Fashion and Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection. The Fort Worth StarTelegram had a good piece on the African exhibit, with lots of pictures, worth checking out. Here is a quote from that article—the highlighting is mine. See, this does relate to weaving!

Several of the headpieces on display are protective in nature, shielding the head from all manner of dangers, such as spears, as well as things that could fall out of trees, such as snakes and poisonous insects. Some are made of thickly woven fibers, others are brass-plated. But they all carry some form of decoration: cowry shells, feathers, fur or beads. One large headpiece from the Democratic Republic of the Congo that looks quite regal is actually meant for an infant. The woven conical hat with a long tapering brim in the back would shield the baby, who was carried papoose-style on his mother’s back.

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