Designing to Scale

Graph Paper Usually when I design, I use graph paper with the design drawn to scale. After the sketch, idea, whatever, is complete, I use 10 x 10 graph to transfer that idea to a scale drawing. I used to use colored pencils to color the design, mixing colors the best I could to duplicate the colors I wanted to use. I’ve gotten a lot looser with the coloring part but still use that to-scale drawing for the weaving process, clipping it to my loom, taking it down for reference when I come to the next part. Somehow the 10 x 10 grid is more intuitive for me than other sizes. However, I think I’m going to have to change my ways, or at least partly. From now on, I am going to take the design element and draw it out on 4 x 4 grid paper to more closely match the ends per inch that I am using. I am hoping that by doing that, my width in the reed will more closely represent the way I like to weave, that is, starting a design element with the first “up” thread up when I am weaving from the right. Another lesson learned and another work in progress. Life is full of ‘em! So, how do you design? What comes first? Last? Lessons learned?

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