Dyeing and weaving


These pictures are from the March workshop.

Back in March I drove to Johnson City to take a one-day workshop with John Marshall. I was reading Kit Eastman’s blog about her trip to California to John’s home/studio. She has some great pictures there, so take a look. Also, take a look at Kit’s work. Lovely detailed work. It’s really interesting to read about the whole katazome process. I am fascinated by the big pots that John has for his various projects, especially the ceramic ones that formerly held soy sauce. Pieces_drying_pigmentThinking about all of this reminds me that maybe it’s time to wash the pieces I did in the workshop. Have they cured long enough?

And, for all of us who love tapestry, take a look at this  page. It’s from the Australian Tapestry Workshop. I am in awe of some of the pieces in progress! Here’s a quote from the site:

Tapestries created by the Australian Tapestry Workshop are original art works that are new and vital interpretations of an artist’s design. Spectacular and durable, tapestries can be as small as the palm of a hand or as large as a gallery wall.

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  1. Kit

    hi Sherry – It’s good to see the photos from the workshop, and thanks for linking to me! I expect you’re excited to wash the rice paste off those pieces!


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