Ellsworth Kelly

I read about Ellsworth Kelly and his new exhibit in the WSJ. Probably the reason it caught my attention (besides being about an artist), is that I associate his name with what reminds me of a giant question mark. That piece resides at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth. And I don’t care if the title is Curved Red on Blue, I still think of it as a question mark. The piece below is from the Amon Carter Museum’s website, although the actual piece may be at the Whitney. ????? I put this here because design-wise, a similar idea for weaving has been bouncing around in my head.
But back to Ellsworth Kelly…Reading about how artists work is always interesting to me. Kelly says that drawing is his notation for ideas. “All my paintings are usually done in drawing form, very small. I make notations in drawings first, and then I make a collage for color. But drawing is always my notation.”

Ellsworth Kelly (b. 1923)
La Combe I, 1950
Oil on canvas
© Ellsworth Kelly
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Gift of The American Contemporary Art Foundation, Inc., Leonard A. Lauder, President, 2002.249
Constructive 7

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