Evolution of a design, part 2

1.5-hours The design I wanted to have is shown in the previous post here.  Executing the design is a different matter entirely. Grass-ikat The plan was to do this in ikat, which presents its own set of problems, at least in the learning stage I’m in. (About this supposedly being yellow grass–that decision came about because of the ikat portion of this equation. The yarns need to be a color that can be overdyed nicely)  After enlarging the cartoon, I started tying the weft yarns, which is not a problem, just time-consuming. The yarns are then dyed Shuttle again, ties removed and it’s ready to start weaving. And that’s where the problems begin.

In order to weave the design that’s tied into the yarn, the warp needs to be the right width. Unweaving and reweaving happened over and over before the “real weaving” could begin. And I wasn’t really happy with the real weaving result, so a design change was in order. Two sections of this design was ready, and I was not going to spend more time tying more ikat yarns if I wasn’t happy with the weaving. So, another design was born.

Do you have a weaving project that just didn’t work after you stated weaving? Did you change the design, leave it as is, or what? Sometimes I envy quilters who have design walls where they pin up their design. I do the next best thing I can think of, but maybe there’s a better way. Next time…



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