Experiment cut off, other experiment a fail

Happy Happy2

The mounting experiment that I mentioned in this post is a total loss. There is not point in going forward. Time would be better spent somewhere else.  That brings me to these small pieces. Have you ever made a pillow? I’m thinking of mounting these (now that I have planned ahead of time for success) and then getting a pillow form for each.

On the left is the way I ended up weaving Happy Hair. Instead of doing all of her hair while at the loom, I decided to just weave her a very high forehead and give her hair later. On the right I’ve place yarns just to give an impression of hair. She looks kind of drunk, right?


The one here is nothing to write home about and it may end up as a pillow also. As I said, just experimenting. The metallic threads get lost, something I knew would happen but did anyway.

I haven’t decided whether to go on to a bigger project now, or to continue trying out small weavings. Maybe I’ll weave four pieces across.

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