Forging Ahead

Deciding to forgo cutting off the first piece, I have woven some weft for a few inches, then left an inch or so of unwoven warp before beginning the new piece. I would have left a larger area of unwoven warp, but was afraid there might be tension problems later.  On each side of the woven area, the warp not being used for this piece is hanging down, with knots to keep it out of the way.  I usually put on a warp of a certain width and 33 yards long, but not all pieces are of that width.  The extra just hangs down on each side.  When a piece is finished, I cut off that extra warp and measure it to get a fairly clear idea of how much warp is left on the warp beam.  I don’t want any ugly surprises in the middle of a piece! Blank-warp_labels The tape below has stopping points and reminders of what I am supposed to do.  Sometimes, when there are large areas of plain weave, I forget to start the tapestry portion in the correct spot.  Once the tapestry starts, I’ll just follow my to-scale diagram.  The previous piece is visible below the empty warp yarns.


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