Fried Brain? Color acuity—no connection, just interest

image If you would like to take what is called a color IQ test, go here. You slide the color chips around until you get them in correct order. The whole thing is somewhat like the Munsell Color Set, shown below, good practice for color recognition. imageWhich brings me to the brain. I know very little about what each part of the brain does, and know nothing about what part of the brain distinguishes between similar colors. Nor do I know what part of the brain does blogging, but whatever part is responsible for blog ideas must have been fried while I was running a low-grade temperature for two weeks. Ideas “R” (not) Us right now. However, as I look at the brain below—Have you noticed how small the visual part is? Of course, it is part of a larger visual association regionimageIn the reading department, I am listening to the second of the Stieg Larsson trilogy. The Girl Who Played with Fire. On the website dedicated to all things Larsson, one can find all kinds of minutiae, like Lisbeth’s computer, height, etc. The first in the series was kind of slow-going at first, but then picked up the pace. Maybe because I’d listened to the first book, this one seemed interesting to me from the get-go.

5 thoughts on “Fried Brain? Color acuity—no connection, just interest

  1. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Laura, I totally agree. Plus, there’s lots of research about how much more plastic our brains are. Maybe that itty bitty part enlarges the more we use it. And, thanks. I feel so good now, I’m almost giddy!

    Marie-I’m glad you thought that was fun. I will definitely enjoy the last of the trilogy when I finish the current “listen.”


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