BotanicalGardens-Petunias Saturday was the annual Herb Festival, something that I haven’t gone to for the last several years. Other times, it’s been hot, humid, and crowded, so I made sure to get there when they opened the doors. Walking to those doors was a real treat. Yards and yards of petunias. Until this little stroll to the door, I had not idea that petunias had a scent, and a pretty darn nice one too! It was wafting over us as we waited for 9:00.

Walk HerbFest-Baskets ing through the door to the sale area, I’m a goner. These baskets are my nemesis! I spotted one right away with perfect colors and a not-so-usual shape. Well, I needed a basket for shopping, didn’t I? Basket

One of the plants I wanted to get is pineapple sage, and a herb festival is certainly the place to find it, plus many others. In the fall, the red blooms from the sage are beautiful and welcoming. At least that is the way I remember them, pulling into my driveway and seeing those plants blooming.

DeBaggio Herbs

DeBaggio Herbs

Driving home, I realized that I’m going to have to do some reconfiguring. The big galvanized trough is not working for me, probably because I didn’t add “real” soil to the mix. I’ve got one more bed outlined, so I’m going to empty that trough of compost into the new bed. Yes, a lot of work, but no more than hauling all those bags around. When the trough is empty, I can put it up on bricks and refill it.

So, what’s in your garden? What’s on the loom?





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