I’m still doing everything else but what I need to do for the dye studio. Is that telling me something? I don’t think so; it’s just that planting season is here, and it’s a short period of time before the summer heat and drought set in.

I went to the plant sale at Southside Preservation Hall yesterday, so now I have to plant. I dug up the area where I planned to put the new bay tree and what did I discover? Bricks had been placed there many years ago. I dug up the bricks and got the bay, some daisies, a mystery bulb plant (Crocosmia lucifer), and a few periwinkles planted. Then I placed the roses where I will plant them tomorrow.

I know that next week there will be more chipping of tree branches in my future. I hope to have all the major gardening done by then also. THEN I’ll get to the chores related to the dye studio.

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