I am at about the halfway point of the current project. Have spent some time taking out and redoing because of mis-measuring. It’s been a little difficult because the colors are very close. I wanted gradations, and when the yarns are in their ball state, you can see differences more clearly than when in their woven state. Hope the colors aren’t TOO close together, but won’t be able to tell until the piece is off the loom. I would post a picture of the incomplete project, but it would probably look like a solid color piece because of the gradations.

I am now free to move about the country, or wherever I want–no longer required to check in for jury duty. Whew! Though, I think it would kind of be interesting to be on a jury, just not one of those sequestered rest of your life ones.

Off to vacuum and do laundry…get a head start on the coming week, although I’d rather weave.

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