Hooey, but still fun

Tarot For my birthday last September, my daughter gave me a Groupon deal for getting a psychic read of my palm and tarot cards. We had planned to do this during the Christmas vacation, but couldn’t fit it in. When Megan sent me a frantic sound text about the Groupon expiring, I made an appointment and went.

I’m kind of superstitious about this kind of thing. Years and years ago, the children went off to camp, and I went to Spain to study Spanish. There were women on the corner asking to read our palms. I wouldn’t do it because I didn’t want someone to tell me the plane was going down and I’d never see my kids again. Silly, I know.

Back to the psychic–Yes, I did go, and it was really kind of interesting. Unfortunately, in the center of my cards is the Hermit. Not good, I was told. And that actually didn’t surprise me at all. I am perfectly happy staying home and doing what I do, but I also know that I shouldn’t, for healthy body and mind reasons. And I really have been working on this aspect.

She also told me that my spirit is tired and I need to meditate. That’s something else I’ve known, but can’t seem to do, so she suggested visualization. That might be something I can do. Or try tai chi. That’s supposed to be meditative.  Another we’ll see.



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