imageWhen I sell one of my pieces, 10% goes to a charity. Those charities have run the gamut from women’s centers to children’s issues, but this year my focus is on hospice. I first experienced hospice care with my father. They arranged for everything he would need to be in his own house where it would be easier for my mother to be with him. Upon arrival, they immediately did two things that made his family feel better: shaved him and mouth care. He then seemed more like himself.

My second experience with hospice was with inpatient care. Inpatient care rather than at-home care was chosen simply because medications would be more quickly available. In both hospice situations, the caretakers talked to and treated the patients with respect. Even though the patients did not seem to be hearing, they always explained what they were doing and why. The patients were treated gently, with great care. These caretakers definitely are angels. Think about it—their patients don’t recover, they don’t go home. Caring for these patients takes a special person. So, this year my contributions will be going here.

2 thoughts on “Hospice

  1. nan16

    I commend you Sherri for all you are doing for Hospice. Eventually we will all be there and it’s nice to know that we will be taken care of in a most gentle way.

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    I am really not doing much, but it will be my focus for the year. What’s amazing is that Medicare picks up the tab, but hospice does so much, I know they aren’t being reimbursed fully. The inpatient location that I’m familiar with is very homey, the employees are great–I’m sure that costs way more than Medicare pays.


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