Hot enough for you?


…….the perennial summer question. Being from Texas, it’s always hot in the summer, but this year has been especially painful. 107° at the airport yesterday, the “official” temperature. This from a local weather blog

A quick update — the high temperature has hit 107 at D/FW, tying the all-time record for the date, with at least a couple of hours of potential heating still to come.

So, today, I finally realize what’s going on with me. Yes, I picked up a virus. Yes, I was sick and deserved to be in bed a couple of days. But, yikes, it’s like I’m wallowing in a funk! It’s the weather. Today I realized it’s the weather. These extreme temperatures and the dryness is getting to me. Everything is withering as we speak. It’s just more above 100 degree days than is good for my brain. So, it was with some excitement that I heard thunder today. And the temps only got into the 90s! Exciting stuff!

image Since I only warp my loom every two to three years, I always have to relearn the process of using the AVL Warping wheel. I’ve calculated and calculated again and have my fingers crossed that I’ve calculated correctly. The counter is not working, so that means I am going to have to actually count in my head, but tomorrow is the day. I really don’t like to warp… I am going to try the Swedish cotton though, doubled as one warp. Unfortunately, I have a combination of 12/9 and 12/6 yarns. Hoping that if I use the 12/9 in combination with the 12/6, everything will be okay. An experiment.

2 thoughts on “Hot enough for you?

  1. paula

    yes its hot…i live in huntsville tx i’m feeling it too. (still think arizona was hotter even with dry heat it was much more intense for much longer if that makes you feel any better)
    sorry you have the virus!
    i too look forward to a bit cooler weather but not TOO cool 🙂
    i have no idea what warping your loom is…

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    In PHX, I felt like I was hitting a wall when I walked outside. Have been feeling the same here lately…I’m always amazed at how much the weather affects my state of mind, probably something I shouldn’t share 🙂 Finding myself looking forward to winter, even though I don’t like cold weather. Guess it’s just extremes of any kind that I don’t like…


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