Inside Mirrix

Elena just added me as a guest blogger on Inside Mirrix, so I have done a little cutting and pasting of what’s been going on with my Mirrix adventures. Unfortunately, in the middle of my adventures, I have had to put things on “pause” so that I could do the finish work on three pieces, sew up the covers for five pieces, and prepare them for shipping. Today I am making a trip to the photographer, so I will post pictures of those later.

Currently I am working on doing a warp-manipulated section, which will let me twist a section in kind of an elongated three-dimensional spiral. Kathe very kindly contacted me via Facebook, wondering if I had seen the directions in her book, Shaped Tapestry, and offering her help, if needed.

I also plan to weave a drawing by my four year old grandson of some sort of creature, so I thought I would use some metallic threads for that. Kids love all that gaudy stuff, and it would give me an opportunity to experiment, right? A little trip to Joann’s to look at metallics–boy, those threads are very fine! We’ll see about that idea.

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