Inspiration in June


Inspiration again, and I’m grateful to have it. What with going to movies, playing miniature golf in the heat, zoo, etc–all the things that children like to do, I’m kind of blah. BUT…I do like to look at leaf shapes. I keep thinking I’ll use a leaf for an ikat design.

And then we have the color combinations of granite.

Or the colors of the trees. Granite-saturatiions Red-Trees


Carpet as seen walking into the theater. Do you think it’s fuzzy because it’s carpet, dark when I took the picture, or….?

Then the drawings on the buildings at the zoo. These somewhat primitive paintings are always interesting to me. Zoo-drawing Mask-zoo

We’ve seen two good movies, totally different movies. First, Jurassic World, but yesterday we saw Inside Out. Both movies were fodder for discussion. But here’s my inspiration from the movie theater–the floor.

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