Is it vacation yet?

Brittle Star bloom

A surpriseThis flower greeted me Tuesday morning when I walked outside at 6 AM. I won’t even touch this plant, so it has survived through benign neglect. The points on the leaves are very painful, and with the way the plant grows, it’s hard to pick up without touching.

So, after seeing the bloom, a little research was in order. I thought it was a cactus of some type, but no, it’s a bromeliad. Well, guess that still puts it in the category of cactus and succulents. Who knew?

Brittle Star plant

In the dyeing department

Here are the results of the overdyeing with turquoise. Nice huh?

Turquoise overdye

In the weaving department

It’s slow-going with the piece on the loom. It’s got a lot of white rectangles on a black background, so I didn’t like the sawtooth effect of interlocking. That means it’s a slit kind of weaving, something I’m not enjoying very much. At first I tried not sewing them up, but when the pattern began in the middle of the piece, that was no longer an option. So now I’m weaving and sewing slits. How many inches can I do a day? This is not the week to find out, since I’m in a social whirl of a week.

In the miscellaneous department

This picture popped up on my Facebook recently. It’s from last year when the boys and I did some tie-dyeing. I still kind of like those socks!

Unfortunately, they’ve become too old to want to visit for two weeks now. You know, girls, etc. I knew it was going to happen, but I’m still sorry. Well, kind of. I really just want a vacation right now! It seems like I’ve been working really hard, but there’s not much to show for it.

Tie dye socks 2016

And since it was just Father’s Day, I thought I’d share this photo. This is my father with my daughter (the mother of the above big feet and tie-dyed socks). This is the essence of my father-kids and horses. He really loved to have all his family around, especially if he could also get in some horses along with them.

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