It’s all about the dyeing

Well, not really


I have dyed everyday for a while now. For me, that means going out early, getting everything in the dyepots, starting the fire, and checking every 30 minutes or so. When the water is clear,  the burners get turned off and everything sits until the next morning. The process starts all over again. The yarns, eventually will be gradations of turquoise to violet to blue.

With the violet to blue series, I threw in some Texas mohair singles that was spun in a small mill many years ago. An unexpected problem cropped up–the skeins twisted back on themselves. That means the dye didn’t take properly.


Not to worry though. I’ve got a plan to use them. Experimental, so I hope it works out.


I am having an gallery exhibition of 6-8 pieces in December. Something I wasn’t expecting was a request for the title of the exhibition. Lately, I’ve been all over the place with my work. How does one choose a title for an exhibition of work that’s all over the place?


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