Kenaf anyone?


No, that is not the sound of a sneeze!  Kenaf is a plant that I’ve heard of before in the context of using the fibers to spin thread. It is in the hibiscus family, so it is related to cotton and okra. It was with some amazement that I heard this plant mentioned on my local public radio station. They did a segment about a University of North Texas program to develop a way to use the kenaf plant in materials which would, perhaps, take the place of materials such as fiberglass, Since fiberglass takes a hundred years to decompose, kenaf could be a renewable material to use in construction. As part of the process of developing a new product with kenaf, it has to be retted, as does flax and other bast fibers. Amazing to hear the word retting used on the radio! Here is a quote from the program:

Now Professor Allen is working to further speed up the retting process and test larger quantities of kenaf. Professor D’Souza’s lab assistants are weaving and blending the fibers with epoxy to create fiberglass-like products that are more flexible.

Did you notice that the word weaving is also used?

Computer/website blues 

The hosting company for my website has “migrated” everything to new servers. I spent way too much time trying to understand the gobbledygook about that move and the changes in my “nameservers.” While doing that, I developed a splitting headache (I still don’t understand—why do they have to write everything in a foreign language called website-ease?) and got no weaving done. Maybe I’ll weave next year!

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