Kid ‘n’ Ewe and Llama too

After I spent all my money at Creations, I then went to the Texas version of the wool festival. I specifically wanted some natural colored wool to spin at night. The idea is to get the spinning wheel out and instead of completely vegging out in front of the TV (something I never did before), I will do some spinning. And since I have no desire to dye shades of gray, I’ll spin it. That’s the idea anyway. Hasn’t happened yet!

SquirrelCageI found a squirrel cage made by Hokett Would Work that I just had to take home with me. It’s going to get a workout soon. Hokett’s does not have a website, but here’s an email address: He does beautiful work and has all kinds of spinning, weaving tools. In addition to the squirrel cage, I bought a new shuttle. Don’t have a picture of the specific shuttle, but here’s what it looks like—except for the wood. Schacht also makes them.

Poke shuttle

Hockett uses all kinds of exotic woods. In fact the base of the squirrel cage is made of zebra wood, below.Zebra-wood

When I was in Austin, there were lots of interesting picture-taking possibilities. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do that driving down the highway. I happened to be in a parking lot when I saw this tableau. And no, don’t have a clue what it represents.


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