Last year in the weather

Midnight_FireHow might this apply to weaving? I am fascinated with shadows, which may end up in a weaving someday. I’ve already used the wildfires as a piece. Not sure about the dry, cracked earth, but …. And I just love the Texas Longhorns—the animal, not the team—and this particular longhorn really has a good set of horns.

Last year was a year of weather extremes all over the country. Here are just a few of ours. We also had 108 degree days, many at a time. There are no pictures of that, but spring will show all the trees lost to the heat and drought. Actually, the heat probably caused more damage than the drought. We’ve had droughts before, but most of the time in conjunction with normal temperatures.Snow_tree_limbsTree limb shadows in the snow of my backyard

This is what many of the lakes look like.

Longhorn after fires near Possum Kingdom Lake


Wildfires near Bastrop

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