Learning curve

Do you remember when you first started weaving? Most new weavers start out by weaving projects in magazines like Handwoven, recipe weaving. It might be many moons before the newbie branches out to take the weaving knowledge into a new and different place. I think I’m kind of in that spot. To give my creativity a boost, I started a wedge weave project, and when I try to change things up, the learning curve rears its ugly head. I don’t yet know enough about this structure (?) to know where I can go with it. I’ve got lots of ideas, but they’re going to wait until I know more about what to expect. And frankly, it might be better to just weave my design ideas in plain ol’ tapestry. At least by trying this new-to-me weaving process, I seem to have gotten past the creativity hurdle. And that’s a good thing!

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