More wedges

The wedge theme continued…..

I woke up and had the idea of stacking the wedges. I cut out a wedge from the piece I wrote about earlier and traced around it in a way that I found attractive. I then scanned the drawing and colored the wedges with shades of blue in Photoshop. These aren’t the exact colors that I would use in a weaving, but the best I could come up with in that program. If I decide to actually weave this, I’ll work on the colors more. Maybe change to shades of red?

Below is the result of using the wedge motif in multiples but smaller. This would be done with weft-faced ikat. I’m kind of itching to do a little ikat.

I really love the ideas that come in moments of non-thinking. I also like the feeling of looking at things differently. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this is my only experience with an art class–in a long ago photography class, our first assignment was windows. That was it. I looked at every window I came across. Shadows in windows, reflections in windows, cracked, broken, jagged windows, the shape of windows, flaking window sills and the wood that divides windows. That class was ages ago and I still think about it and look at windows. I’m hoping the same kind of thinking will possess my brain again–after the holidays!

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