Museum Workshop and I am NOT a Painter

Badlands2 For several years I have looked at the museum workshops with interest, but have done nothing more. While going through a creative dry spell, I signed up for each workshop offered at the Kimbell. Yesterday’s workshop was to look at some selected paintings in the current exhibit (mentioned in my blog here) with a focus on the horizon line and the amount of sky visible in the painting. After discussing each chosen painting, the assignment was to use acrylics to make our own painting. I sat and stared at the canvas for what seemed like hours, while my table-mates busied themselves with mixing colors. I finally decided to do a version of the Yellow Mounds at the Badlands, something I’ve been fascinated with since I saw them a couple of years ago. The picture you see above is the photograph, something I could have used during the workshop! I still want to do something with that photograph. The idea of layers has been percolating for a couple of years now, and will probably show itself as a fully formed idea someday. And, notice that there is no picture of my painting. It was tempting to drop it in the trash as I walked out of the building.YellowMoundsBadlands

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