New homes

Let’s hear it for new homes!

Several pieces have found new homes lately. Here’s just a few pics of their new home situations.

Zebra in its new home

Zebra in its new home. I really like it on this red and yellow floor.

Ancient Symbol

Ancient Symbol in its new home

Headin' Home

Headin’ Home hanging on wall. By the way, that’s a loom in the foreground.

And in the category of…why do I do that?




… meet my new orchid. I love orchids. Some people are able to keep them going and they bloom year after year. I’m not one of those people. Still, they’re worth the on-sale price for some beauty and joy, however long that is. This is not its real spot, but the other one wasn’t good for pictures. Not sure if this spot is an improvement–notice the wrestling photographs in the background? They just say, put an orchid here, don’t they?

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