Oh, no!

imageJust as my sniffly, sneezy, allergy-self was about to drift off to sleep last night, it hit me. I had pulled all of the old warp off the loom! You know what that means…no tying on of the new warp to the old warp. This will be a totally clean start. Many opportunities to make threading mistakes, awkward positions while getting that warp through the heddles and reed. Instead of the one day to get that warp on, who knows? I love this Cranbrook, but I’ve never found a really good, easy way to get up close and personal with this loom. The beater assembly is really heavy, the breast beam requires serious undoing, but I guess I’m going to grit my teeth and do it!

2 thoughts on “Oh, no!

  1. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Thanks, Claudia. I looked and haven’t found (so far) anything that pertains to this warping situation. Do you have a link? I’m probably just going to have to get some help to remove the beater assembly or thread heddles from the back. It’s just that the warp is then coming over my shoulder.


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