Out of the abyss, otherwise known as the doldrums

©Sherri Coffey-Summer Stripes

Summer Stripe, 36.5 x 60 in

The weather is so dreary right now, a little pick-me-up is needed, which explains the inserted photo here today. Good news! My mother went home from rehab today and is doing great, getting around in a pretty nimble way. Of course, there is more rehab to be done, but she’s home and her little dog is so glad. He will not leave her side.

I have actually started weaving again, using a butterflies leftover from other projects, working on wedge weave. I’ve got a couple of ideas of where to go with this, but experience is necessary. As Janice Zindel said when I wrote about the doldrums¬†a week or so ago, try something new. So I am! This piece is going to be fairly small to see if I like what I’m doing. Maybe a picture sometime this week.

Doldrums has maritime origins. Somehow the word seems like its origins should be from Ancient Greece mythology like Tantalus and his eternal punishment.

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