Red_Yellow_crossesDavid Wharton, my photographer, called and said he had made it to his studio, so I went in earlier than planned. It was exhilarating to not only have these pieces finished, but to have their pictures ready!

As I left, the snow was coming down harder, so I made only one other stop, and headed home. The streets in my little neighborhood had not been traveled, so the going was tough. In front of my house the street is fairly flat, but then starts a hill going down.Yellow_Purple_Crosses My driveway is close to the bottom of that hill. I misjudged everything (remember, this is Texas; we’re not used to driving on snow), and couldn’t slow down enough for the turn into the driveway. So, I turned the corner and couldn’t get up the next hill. I backed down, but was afraid that I’d end up in a ditch. While in the process of calling a tow truck, a kind lady stopped and guided me in backing up so that I could make a wide circle around a couple of blocks, then park in front of my house. This kind person used to drive a truck and was very helpful.

Meditation2This snow-driving kind of put a damper on my exhilaration, but it’s still nice to have all that work over with and the pictures made.

Now for another hard part—thinking of titles. But at least that is something that sits in the mind while sitting at the loom.

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