Planning and Finishing


I have Señor Fish ready to hem, then he will be steamed vigorously. I will take a better photo tomorrow. I redid his eye with a small piece of needle felting and a couched yarn around it. It looks better, but I’m still unsure about the color. Oh, well…


Magenta_blackI’m pretty sure that the next ikat project will be a really simple one of squares and rectangles. Not even much math to figure out. However, the yarns do have to be dyed before tying ikat wraps.  As usual, the color here does not look like what will actually be dyed.

Also on the to-list for next week:

  • Dye magenta yarns
  • Clean up studio
  • Tie on warp
  • Begin plain green piece
  • Begin tying ikat
  • Apple workshop
  • Real life

I also would like to do a series of small (four inches) squares, but I don’t know what to weave them on. I’ve tried several things, so may end up using the Wolf Pup for this project. Any suggestions?

For now, it’s off to do kitchen, laundry, etc. Don’t you just love housework!

4 thoughts on “Planning and Finishing

  1. Jennifer

    One thing that I admire about you are your lists! Just slap it all out there to actually see what you want to get done.

    I’m looking at a series of 3″ squares for Christmas presents and will be just using a small pipe loom. I’ll likely continuously warp it so I can get 7 of them with one warp. I really don’t have other choices like you do, but I thought I’d throw it out there…

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Thanks, Jennifer, although not sure the lists are admirable since they frequently aren’t completed. At least I keep trying. Guess it helps with the thinking process.

    I thought of the pipe loom and still may try that idea. Looking forward to seeing how that goes for you.

  3. Jennifer

    I have found if I don’t make the list, things are forgotten. So even if the list is not completed there’s actually a chance it will get done.


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