Everybody knows we shouldn’t procrastinate, but we do it anyway–some of us more than others. I’m paying for procrastination right now. I have a laptop computer that I love. The last time we went on a weekend trip, I put the laptop in one closet under some stuff, and the backup drive in another closet, cleverly disguised on a shelf. When we returned, I got out the computer and used it for 3 months without ever getting the backup drive out of the closet. Yes, I thought to myself, “You really need to back things up”, but did I? Of course not. I even had a reminder come up from my calendar 2 or 3 times, but still I did not backup. I’m paying for it now. My computer crashed last week. It’s been in the shop since last Thursday. They can’t figure out what’s wrong. First, we thought it was Vista. Then maybe the hard drive. Then maybe the motherboard. Nothing is behaving like it should. The good news is that I will be able to rescue most of what is on the computer. Then we will re-install the operating system, but probably XP this time. Even if all of that works, I still have the job of installing software all over again. Time, time time! Then you have to tweak everything to get it back where it was. I keep remembering things that need to be backed-up–things like iTunes, a database program that has pictures and names that I have collected for years. There’s a program called One Note (part of Office), that I use as a big filing cabinet. Instead of printing, I just send it to One Note. That has to be saved. It’s amazing how dependent on our computers we can become. Scary, right? I know, everyone is attached to their computers, so, all right, I’ll stop whining. But, remember, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!

Oh, and I’m grateful for a friend who will let me borrow a computer for a couple of days.

I finished needleweaving all the warp ends back into the fabric on two pieces. I’ll try to have pics for the next time I have a computer.

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