Rain…Wonderful Rain

Except for the cold, today has been great. We’re getting some much-needed rain. Unfortunately, it’s also cold. After having days in the 80s, it’s hard to adjust to a high of 42. Now, I know that’s not really cold to much of the US, but it here in my part of Texas. And, of course, no new roof was installed today.

Besides going to the grocery store, I did lots of weaving. I was tempted to start a fire in the stove, but just put on a hoodie instead. I DID have to take about a half inch because a color was supposed to end, but I just kept on weaving without checking where I was. Actually, to me, that’s the ideal state to be in while weaving. Kind of in the zone.

For the last couple of days I have been working on pages to put in a loose-leaf notebook. Since rugs are kind of hard to carry, I am going to make a book of my work and just take a few pieces with me when our guild participates in an event. This is a work in progress, but what I’m using right now is paper that’s labeled for brochures, but it really seems to just be tag board. Somehow pictures printed on heavier paper look really good.

The rain is supposed to continue for several days, so who knows when they’ll get to put on the roof. But more weaving tomorrow. Yeah!

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