Ready to dye

All three ikat sections have been tied and will probably get dyed tomorrow. Great sense of accomplishment to get that finished. Like anything else, the more I do this ikat stuff, the better it goes. The cartoons from my small drawing were enlarged 380%. After tying the first board, I decided that clean-up was necessary. Got a Sharpie water-based poster marker in white and a larger chisel point Sharpie in black and went to work. (I tried several things, but those worked best.) With the cleaned up cartoons under the yarn, I used a pencil to mark where the wraps should go. I also cut the tape into the size I needed while zoning out in front of the TV Friday night. Doing those two things made the wrapping process go smoother and faster. No breaking of rhythm to stop and cut tape and trying to line up the cartoon with the tying. It was already marked. I still have to find the ideal height for the chair and table because my back is sore.

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