Same song, same verse

You know, it’s amazing how exhausting one can get weaving for several hours and/or wrapping ikat. I’ve been splitting my work day fairly equally between the two, but geez, it’s uncomfortable sitting so long. I am seriously considering a walking loom. Does anyone have any experience with one? I’m wondering how weaving for hours standing would be, or would I just be complaining about how tired I am after standing all day? The day started out with a small rain, a wonderful day for weaving. And, oh, too bad, no mowing today! Now there are all kinds of storms swirling around, some with tornadoes, and even grapefruit size hail. That’s a new one for me. Grapefruit? So, I go from room to room carrying my flashlight just in case. And they say that these warnings will be here until 1:00 AM! And then I went through all my bank transactions looking for an $800 mistake. At least it’s in my favor, but I’m one of those people that balances a checkbook to the penny–well, at least I used to. Now I like to at least be under a $50 error.


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