I received the nicest handwritten note last Friday. But first a small confession–I picked up my mail at the post office for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I’m not sure if I would’ve done it even then, except that there were packages to send out. And what a surprise was waiting! A couple bought the tapestries above in New Mexico summer before last and took them to Michigan. In this wonderful note, she told me how much they were enjoying these tapestries and that they were placed where they could look at them frequently. Now, isn’t that nice! I know exactly what she means. I have some art that is placed where I can see it often because it makes me smile.

I am so glad she wrote (besides making me walk on air) because I like to send notecards to the owners of pieces. And since the weekend was really cold (I know–it’s all relative), I had time for a nice fire, weaving, and getting cards ready to send out. So, Ellen, if you happen upon this blog post, a small token of appreciation is on its way.

And speaking of art that makes me smile, what art makes you smile?

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