Sometimes you just have to get help…

Trailer-of-brushOver the years, I have grumbled about the yard work, even though I really do like to mow; it’s my exercise. Last Thursday I walked out to the really tall area, planning to mow 30 minutes. (By the way, it’s already hot in the mornings here and some of this stuff is taller than I am.) I lasted 10 minutes and then went inside and made some phone calls. Martín Raya came on Friday morning, gave me a price, and returned Saturday morning at 8 with two other guys armed with chainsaws and other monster equipment. I wish I had taken a before picture, although that would have been very embarrassing. All I got is the after picture with everything in their trailer ready to be hauled off. And, yes, I know it would have made a wonderful compost, but jeez, look at how much stuff is there! And part of it is small trees! Back when I was looking for help around the house, Angie’s List had a special on membership, and I grabbed it. I narrowed down my search for two companies, and Verde could get to my mess first.Verde-truck

In addition to my whining about yard work, there’s the whining about interior decorating. I may have made a decision there. Stay tuned! Then maybe I can get back to the weaving part of my life.

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