SunflowersThe vegetables are planted, except for the blackeyes, which require MUCH warmer weather. The henbit in the backyard needs mowing. The madder is coming back. One asparagus shoot has been discovered. Guess it’s spring. Yeehaw! I’ll be glad when it gets warm enough that I can start complaining about the heat! That’ll be when it stays at 102 for several days. The picture above has nothing to do with anything, just flowers because it’s spring.

I’m taking a sort of break from weaving so that I can get caught up on other things—like getting the plumber out, yard work, etc. image

I went to a Redenta’s, a local garden store yesterday and found something I would really like to have. Not sure I can explain it, but it was made of willow, with crosspieces, designed so that it can expand or collapse, about 4 feet tall, to be used for vines. They told me it was willow, but the color was kind of coppery. Wonder if my plum thicket trimmings can become useful like that? The one in the picture above came from Gardener’s Supply. Any gardening going on out there?

imageIf you’re going to be doing any traveling and like to find art stuff along the way, you might try The Arts Map. Or just look and see what’s listed in your local area. Here’s their Facebook link.

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