Successful Week

Weaving Week

I added up my weaving hours for last week and have over 14 hours. Not too shabby, but also not the 15 hour goal. This week may not be as good since I have two obligations on the calendar.

Ikat Table


I’ve set up the ikat table. It will probably need some dividers for the top two drawers. That’s where the scissors, tape measure, ikat tape, etc. will be held. The drawers on the left currently hold what I think is going to be the next really simple weaving project—plain weave with various thicknesses of yarns, some of which are hand-painted. The drawers on the right hold white yarns in balls for an ikat project someday. Some of the pegs are not in their holes, if you’re wondering. Ikat_Table The horizontal boards are to keep the peg boards from drawing in as the yarn is wrapped around the pegs. It will be nice to have the ikat supplies close at hand and to not have to search for scissors. Yeah, right, like that’ll ever happen!  More tape from Maiwa should be coming soon. Casters may be added to make this more portable, but to also add height so the wrapping will be more comfortable standing up.

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  1. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Hi Jennifer,

    Here’s a link: Think you’ll have to copy and paste. I searched “ikat” on my blog and found references, but the link here is probably the best one. I also put a YouTube video on the blog. It will come up with a search for ikat. Ikat is tying either the warp, weft, or both with a resist into a pattern, and then dyeing. The weaving is straightforward, with the pattern already dyed in. I think it originated in Indonesia, but it is used in many cultures.


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