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The same


As far as I’m concerned the word boring and all its derivatives should only be used in very rare occasions.  After all, we do have the ability to do something else more entertaining–except when the job has to be done. That’s where ikat-tying is for me right now. It’s got to get done. I nearly always cut my cartoons up because they’re easier to handle, although I could probably roll them up, advancing the next section as one is finished, but I don’t. Of course, when the cartoon is cut up, lots of labeling has to be done. I number each section, write top and bottom so I will have orientation, and mark the center line, so that there is continuity from section to section to the whole. The only consolation is that I’m listening to a book that keeps my attention, although I can’t say it’s great literature. When my back tells me it’s time for a break, I move on to other things, although I do try to finish one section per day, at least. Door

So, moving on to other things…for a couple of days that involved using a new-to-me app called Art View. This is an app that lets you insert art into a room setting. I am using the free version, which has three rooms to choose from. If you want to pay, you are allowed to upload more art and have more room choices. I’m not convinced that’s a good deal. You can also take a picture of a room with the paid version. Once you upload your art, you can choose a room and place the art in the room. You can resize the art and move it across the wall to a location you like. Kind of fun.

Purple-Haze Try it out. Tell mo what you think. And hurrah! Only two sections of ikat to go!