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Yep, it’s Friday. That means that Thursday has come and gone without me even thinking about this page.

Christmas 2009

Since Christmas is also coming and may pass without me even realizing it, Merry Christmas! The two boys above are teenagers now and much too  blasé and sophisticated to pose like this again. They had just finished gaudy-ing up the tree.

Balance, anyone

In my effort to find some balance in my life, I have been outside hauling dirt around and filling one of two waist-high planters with said dirt. I’m thinking I’ll plant a few winter vegetables soon. Of course, the outside work also included protecting the faucets from the forecasted cold coming up.

I also filled a dye pot in anticipation of dyeing the ikat section, but as rain is forecasted also, that may wait.

Instead, some weaving on the just-acquired-new-to-me Baby Wolf. I think I’ll work on lines and soumak-unless the boredom and frustration become too great.

So, until next week and I forget again ….