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The right tools

One of the things I’m doing this week is cutting more boards to hang pieces on. The boards are 1 x 2s and have to be cut to fit their respective pieces. I have asked in the store for a small, easy to use saw. The men always just say doing it by hand. I explain that cutting by hand doesn’t work for me. They really don’t understand that. I do have a big electric saw, but I hate to bring that out for these itty bitty projects. I’ve been using a jigsaw, but even that’s not the most successful for straight, clean cuts. The other day I was in the big-box home store buying more boards and looked again in the saws. Dremel-Saw This Dremel was displayed. It says that its maximum cut is 3/4 inch, the actual size of my boards. I looked it up online, and there are attachments to help with sawing evenly to size. This saw is also expensive. What to do? Think about it more. Any ideas?