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Circuitous journey to Journey

Coaster, Journey, cork-backed, plastic on top

Coaster, Journey, reusable paper

Rabbit Holes? I got ’em!

┬ęSherri Coffey-Journey

Journey, Private collection, ┬ęSherri Coffey

It’s been a circuitous path to designing and ordering notecards, and on the way, I stopped for a few coasters. At the top is one that’s got plastic on top. As you can see, it is considerable darker than it should be. Next in line is one that is reusable paper. It looks a lot better to my eye, but then again–it’s paper! And just how reusable is it? Just above is the original.

All of this designing/ordering is from Vistaprint. Here’s the notecard I’ve ordered, just to see if I’ve done it correctly. Can you see the problem? The only design they have is a horizontal folded card, which of course, I want to use vertically. In order to get the whole card covered, part of the design is missing. If I put the whole image without cutting off part of it, there will be a border. Can’t decide if I like that or not. What say you? How do you feel about a white border around the image? Help! What should I do?

Notecard, Journey