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Busy, busy


Color aid papers

©Sherri Coffey-Illusion


The latest piece was cut off the loom yesterday and I plan to start the finishing of warp ends today or tonight. Force myself. I have started a series of yoga classes and hurt my back last week. I have no idea what I did to cause that because nothing hurt or felt bad during class. Plus, I seldom have back issues. Today, on the way home, I had a long list of errands to do. That idea was scrapped quickly. I was trying to do these things during the lunch hour– on a FRIDAY! Fridays are always crazy. What was I thinking!

This afternoon I plan to play around with color, since that was successful for me before. Gettin’ out those Color-aid papers. Who knows? I may even cut them!  Above is the finished result.  When I look at this photo, though, I realize all over again that I need to get to the photographer. Or get some lights. Or something…



The dyeing blues


Color-aid box

Not the color blue…colors that I want to dye. I’ve got a project on the loom, using the colors I have, although they aren’t totally what I want. So, in an effort to try and match the colors, I took the RGB colors and went on a web search for find color chips. Well, if I’m not going to buy a Pantone set for bunches of money, it’s back to the drawing board. A couple of the skeins that I dyed were tied with an orange yarn. I love the color that resulted from the over dye of turquoise and blue. Maybe that’s where I should start. But as I have been writing this, I remembered the Color Aid papers. Gonna give that a shot. Then some of those skeins of orange and yellow are going to get over dyed.  Oh, and just as an aside, it’s really hot here. My dye room is like a sauna–really.


Color-aid paper practice

Later–I got out my itty bitty set of Color-aid papers and searched for the right colors. I was able to find some that are pretty close. Let me clarify why I wanted to do this. I took my very simple design and added color to it on the computer. The printout did not print the colors as accurately as I wanted, and it is hard to take the computer picture and match it to my yarn samples. That’s why I wanted “chips” to carry around with me. I was able to do that with these colored papers. Here are the matches I came up with, although the photo of these colors is not spot on. Those blues look more purple-y than in the picture. There are 314 color chips in this small set–that makes for a lot of sorting through for just the right color. And these sets are not cheap. This small box of 2 x 3 chips is $34.50.

Goals for the week:

  • studio hours-20
  • clear brush by driveway
  • dye more yarn
  • steam press one more piece