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Making a decision

Linen samples

The taupe is too yellowy in this picture.

I went to Cutting Corners and bought taupe and gray linen on Monday. I’ve written about Kirsten Glasbrook’s book before and her method for mounting and framing a small tapestry. I have decided to try her method, except for the blockboard, I am going to substitute archival foam board. I now have the new linen colors and the black I already had on hand. In Glasbrook’s book, she mentions using watered down acrylic paint on the linen. If I don’t like the colors I have, there may be some painting happening around here.

By the way, I love both the whimsical and more serious tapestries that Kirsten weaves.

In the meantime, I suddenly remembered these boots that I bought on sale at DSW. They are Chookas, although they are now to be known as Snake/Fireant Protectors. Not as comfy as my New Balance shoes, but right now these boots have the advantage.