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Interesting structures

Untitled-2 The other day I was reading the Wall Street Journal, and came across a book review with a whole page of architectural pictures. Fascinating stuff! In fact, this kind of article is the whole reason I read the WSJ, that, and because it was a free subscription. The picture that caught my attention was, I thought at first, a microscopic something or other. But no, it’s actually a building in Dubai called the GEOtube Tower designed by Faulders Studio in 2009.  (A Google search turns up some amazing images of their work.) building in Dubai is covered with steel mesh, which is bathed in saltwater, which I’m assuming causes rust to form and creates the interesting patterns. It’s worth going to the WSJ page and looking at the slide show of structures. I often find a seed of a design idea hiding in architectural pictures. The book is on one of my wish lists at Amazon.


Monstrous weed, has little hairs that cling, small purple flowers. appeared suddenly a couple of years ago.

My to-do list is a mile long this week. Along with trying to keep a monstrous weed under control, I am working hard to get studio time in again. Living in Texas, we don’t complain about rain, but every time I have time to plant my vegetables, it rains. I did get the beds weeded, though. Tomorrow, said Scarlet.