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Tackling the dreaded first

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For me, my studio time is the time that’s actually spent weaving. Several months ago, I wove four small pieces. Those pieces have long been finished, and my brain has been working on what to do with them. They’ve been on my to-do list all of those months, but today during a conversation with my accountability partner Carol, it came to me that I need to tackle these BEFORE weaving. Duh! So, after a walk, weeding the garden, being stung by fire ants, mowing the shoulder-high thistle plants, and shower, I dug those pieces out of hiding. Then I couldn’t decide about a background. Off to Photoshop. Of course, the final decision my be decided by the color of linen I can find in the stores. This whole process is an experiment. I may do some other small pieces and need to have a go to technique for finishing.

So what do you think? What color should the background be? From looking at the samples above, I think I can safely rule out black. Please vote or suggest a color. Really. Seriously.